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Thanks for stopping by Kevin Gerald's   website.   Please  have a look around and watch a few videos.   Kevin's  been a guitar player and    singer songwriter since childhood.   Born  in Santa Monica, he has lived throughout Southern California and grew up surfing a playing music  along  her beautiful coastline.    Kevin describes his songs as Esoteric Indie, and discusses his musical aesthetic in further detail    below..    His  philosophy  echoes the  ancient concept that   all of the people of the world    are one infinite loving consciousness, experiencing   their own   distinct realities    through  their    senses, thoughts, feelings and   emotions.     He believes it's the artist's job to live their lives,   stay   observant and report back.    A life-long traveler,   Kevin   writes songs  about his journeys and the  characters he's met along the way.

A little more    about Esoteric Indie Music:

Esoteric Indie: Music for those who are trying to live a conscious life of love and gratitude and are particular about what kind of music they choose to experience. Songs are mostly of a narrative/story-telling nature that keep the listener engaged and relaxed.  The underlying music is rhythmic and melodic and serves the song but does not assault the listeners’ sensibilities. The lyrics, while generally narrative in nature, avoid preachiness and are not overly didactic. The use of metaphor and humor sweeten the palate of life’s sometime bitter fruit. By the same token, the lyrics are rich in sensory descriptions and observations of the human condition.  Esoteric Indie songwriters spin aural sketches of the colorful beings who populate the material world and beyond.

Those who might enjoy listening to Esoteric Indie::

This type of music is for people who actually listen to lyrics. Esoteric Indie musicians and fans are interested in creating and living amazing lives of conscious design and include many of the following types of individuals:  Those who choose the path less traveled, creatives, meditators, spiritual teachers, students & seekers, hikers, critical thinkers, yogis, dancers, mystics, explorers, world travelers, musicians, artists, those who love sacred geometry, ancient history, adventurers, sailors, surfers, skiers, sky divers, scuba divers, photographers, videographers and all those who make a conscious choice to take personal responsibility for their lives and who believe that love is the unifying principle of the universe and that gratefulness is the key that unlocks the door to happiness. 

Kevin Gerald's Trail to the Temple.  Music and lyrics by Kevin Gerald.

Kevin Gerald's Trail to the Temple. Music and lyrics by Kevin Gerald.

#TrailtotheTemple is a song written and produced by #KevinGerald. It is about a #LosAngeles tourist #hiking the #IncaTrail to the #TempleoftheSun, #MachuPicchu, #Peru and the #freespirit traveler he meets on the road. Coupled with an amazing backdrop of scenic #MachuPicchu and the #AmazonJungle, #KevinGerald would like to acknowledge and gratefully thank #Pixabay, #Unsplash and the following gifted and generous photographers: Landmark Photo: #AlanHurtJr. Aerial View of Mountains: #AmandaKerr #MachuPicchu: #JeremiahBerman Brown and Green Mountain: #GiacomoBuzzao Woman Facing Machu Picchu: #WillianJustendeVasconcellos Aerial View of Machu Picchu, Peru: #AsjoD’Silva Fog-covered mountain scenery: #PedroLastra Green Grass and Green Trees: #AshimD’Silva Machu Picchu, Peru: #JairGarciaferro Machu Picchu, Peru: #AbrahamOsono #AerialPhotography of Green Mountain at Daytime: #WellsBaum Two Brown and White Young Llamas on Mountain Top: #YuvyDhaliah Untitled: #AlexanderPopovski Machu Picchu: #CuriosoPhotography Machu Picchu, Peru: #JessicaKnowlden Photography of Desert Landscape: #RoiDior Aerial Photography of Mountain: #ScottUmstattd Landscape Photography of Mountain: #TomasSobek Untitled: #Unsplash and following gifted photographers: Unsplash.comylvain Cleymans Untitled: #BoudhayanBardhan Two Red Macaws on Green Leafed Tree: #DeboraTingley Thank you for watching: Please like and subscribe to my channel: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
Kevin Gerald's Tears of Santa Monica.  Music and lyrics by Kevin Gerald and Pierson Keating.

Kevin Gerald's Tears of Santa Monica. Music and lyrics by Kevin Gerald and Pierson Keating.

#KevinGerald co-wrote #TearsofSantaMonica with the multi-talented #pianist and #songwriter #PiersonKeating. The song is about #SaintMonica, the patron saint of wayward children (and adulterous spouses). She is the namesake of #SantaMonica #California. The song is from the point of view of her young, wild and irreligious son #Augustine who purportedly drank heavily and at one point joined a cult. Monica, a Christian, followed Augustine to Rome, praying every day that he would one day see the light. Upon seeing Monica crying out for her son's redemption, a holy man told her not to fear because no child of her tears would ever die. Eventually, Augustine found his faith and wrote his famous work #ConfessionsofSaintAugustine which became a literary masterpiece in #RomanCatholic literature. He was canonized as #SaintAugustine, the patron saint of #breweries and #beer. Mom shed lots of tears over her son during his wild teen years but her prayers for his salvation were eventually answered. #SaintMonica and #SaintAugustine lived around 300 AD. The love between a mother and her son never dies. Legend has it that one of the early priests was dying of thirst in the arid desert-like climate of what is now #WestLosAngeles. A local native American took pity on him and revealed a well-spring known only to the local tribes. Upon seeing the cool water bubbling up from the earth, the priest fell to his knees and exclaimed, " Truly these must be the tears of Santa Monica!" The name stuck. The well-spring exists to this day and is located on the grounds of #UniversityHighSchool in West Los Angeles. Most of the photos were taken with my iPhone 7 plus, while on walks on #SantaMonicaBeach, #SantaMonicaPier and #PalisadesPark. On November 8, 2018, a terrible fire ignited the #SantaMonicaMountains. In the video, you can see photographs I took when the smoke looked like a monster devouring the mountains. Later on during my walk, I stopped at the Statue of Saint Monica, located in Palisades Park, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Sun was situated behind her statue and the timing was perfect. I couldn't help thinking that her prayers that day were for all the people and animals devastated by the fire. Please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Website: Facebook: Find me on Instagram at: Thank you for watching.
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